Saturday, July 10, 2010

More than one kind of Bialises- Bialysi?

Well, I had to try it.  Like usual, I shot my mouth off before I really thought things through.  'Use Gouda cheese!',  I said.  Well, this time I got lucky.  It really worked.  Also, Kitchenoperas, a fellow baker over at Mellow Bakers suggested that we try whole wheat.  Well, I thought of it too late, but I did make it 50/50 whole wheat and flour.  Not content with those tweaks, I added a couple Tablespoons of Walnut Oil to the batter.  (Oops!  Sorry about that.  I added about an ounce!)

It all went into the Kitchenaid Mixer that the Darling Bride got me for Xmas a few years ago.  I like the Battleship Gray.  It is a manly mixer, I tell myself; then I noticed that sister Demeter's KA mixer is even bigger.  Oh well.  She has always been my little sister, but waaay out there in front of me as far as baking and cooking and all manner of things. 

Sometime, let me tell you a story about Demeter trapping coon and hunting bear!  But that is for another time.

As usual, you can see Gladass in the background, now in a brand new cottage cheese container.  I think she is glad to be rid of the old one.  It was getting weak around the seal.

So, with customary lack of planning I decided that tonight was the night.   I diced a nice onion, and proceeded to caramelize it while the dough was rising.

I also grabbed a nice chunk of gouda cheese and cubed it up for filling.  I did say I was going to try it, but right at that moment it seemed pretty odd. 

It always seems like magic, using yeast.  (Sorry Gladass)  I had gotten so used to everything being sourdough that yeast breads just seem to explode.

Next up,  it was time to form the Bialys.  I had seen enough pictures from the more intrepid bakers that I knew they would likely lose most of the holes.  So, I oversized the holes a bit, really flattened them, and pricked them with a fork.  All of which did nothing.

Not knowing how many this doubled recipe would make, I broke the dough off into what looked like the right size chunk for a last proof.  They seemed to be ready in about a half hour, so I proceeded to place them on a pan, sprinkled with yellow corn meal.  Just before putting in the onion or cheese, I smashed the middles out again.  That seemed to help as much as anything, since they went right into Old Luke, set for 450 degrees F.  The recipe called for 480, but my oven runs hot.

'Rats', I thought, when I heard a distinctive "whump".  I have one pan that springs up on two corners when it gets warm.  No harm, this time, as these Bialys don't seem to have minded the ride.

In the picture from the oven, if you look close you can see the upper right corner is oddly up in the air.

So, by doubling the size of the recipe, I had to use two pans and two shelves on the stove.  That meant a lot of shelf exchanging, since I did not have any idea how they would brown.

Well, they came out terrific!  Light, with just a hint of crunch from the cornmeal on the pan.  The onion was OK, but the gouda was phenomenal.  It did not hurt that I sprinkled just a little Kosher salt on there, either!

The cheese was nearly melted.  The onions sizzled in the little bit of butter they brought with them.  The house smelled great!

I am looking forward to the Darling Bride's homecoming tomorrow even more now.  A new treat to offer her!

These little buns are really good.  Quick and easy to make, they are something really different for the next time we visit our friends at the lake.  I am really happy with this treat.

But I will let you know how bad the blood sugars are tomorrow morning!


  1. Lovely post. They look really good and I like your idea of the gouda and sprinkling of the salt. I must try that!

  2. Success! They look fantastic Steve! Lucky Darling Bride and friends having these to munch on - definitely going to make these next. I have trays that do the two corner hot oven dance too :)