Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beer Bread, like it's namesake, leaves regrets.

So I was a bit behind with the breads over at Mellow Bakers.

I had somehow forgotten to post the bagels, and worse yet, I was struggling with the Beer Bread.  I set the barley seeds to sprout three times, and apart from a very interesting smell to the cupboard, I was rewarded with mold each time.

I planted a few seeds in the Darling Bride's flower beds, so right up until the point that she weeded them out I had proof of viability.

Anyway, I thought I would substitute pearled barley instead, and add a little malt powder for the flavor.  I cut the recipe in half, since I am not sure how much will get eaten this week.  I set the pearled barley in a cup of water and microwaved it until it seemed pretty soft.

And as often, when you take short cuts, it was mediocre.

It looks good.  It tastes OK.
But I was expecting more, so I will have to take an "F" for this project and try it again.

Well, maybe not an "F".

Maybe 'incomplete' is more like it.



  1. You should send me your address ~ they made me buy a full pound of malted barley ~ what will I ever do with it all?!

  2. I have a packet of dark roasted malted barley flour which is what I used for this (smells a lot like coffee!) All my attempts to buy viable barley came to nought. But did I pass this on, I forget with my galloping memory loss, one can sprout and malt other grains to get similar effect, so try sprouting wheat or rye and roasting those if the barley is a disaster. As usual I am repeating what I have read elsewhere, not what I have actually done myself... but it might be worth a shot. I'd send you some but it would probably be confiscated as fissile material.

  3. Steve,
    Ahh, the seemingly never-ending saga of beer and bread. Quick suggestion, check with your local "home brew" supply store (if you have one), they will have powdered malts at nice prices - it's the same stuff bakers use, but you need to know whether you need diatastic or non-diatastic malt. Usually, bakers are using the diatastic, while brewers use both, but more non- diatastic. Hopefully, your brew store folks will know the difference - mine didn't!

  4. Gosh, I could mail some malt powder... I made a lot more than I needed.

    oh, I see Abby already offer a much better deal: good, commercially made powder... lucky guy you are! :-)