Monday, June 7, 2010

Minnesota Vermont Sourdough

I noticed that Google's Blogger is back up, so here goes... first try at Hamelman's 'Bread' version of Vermont Sourdough.

In the beginning, there is life! 

Once that was nicely blooming, the rest of the ingredients were added and allowed to rise.  I folded it twice, just to get my hands in that dough.

Most of the raise was in a large stainless steel bowl.

The dough was cut in half, mostly for the chance to use that whopping 11" Gerber fillet knife.

It's dough.  It probably works just as well using the sharp or the dull side.

I press it out, causing a slight gas
release of the larger bubbles.

Then, it gets the 'paper airplane' fold to start with.  Still a kid at heart!

Then flip it over, since when rolled away from yourself you can use the heel of your palm to full advantage.

This is the start of the roll.  For some reason, this did not end up football shaped at all! 

I cover them with plastic wrap to discourage any tough skin from forming.

After the loaves have risen, score them (No, not shown.  I forgot!) then mist them and add Kosher salt, and into the oven they go.

I was a little distracted, and had already loaded a pizza on my peel.  Good thinking, Burntloafer!  Ah well, I just used a cookie sheet to get them to the cutting board.

Where, of course, I sliced them long before I should have.  I admit it.  I have no willpower!  Maybe I should remove all traces of butter, jam, jelly, and peanut butter from the house?  Nah.  I have a pepper grinder and a secret stash of olive oil, too.  


  1. Love the step-by-step photos! I need to get going on this bread . . . .

  2. Ha ha, I'm like you. I'm impatient and take a bite after posing them. Just can't resist the aroma.

    Your loaves look great, btw.