Wednesday, May 26, 2010

April showers delivered!

It was a long hard winter, as evidenced by a buddy's woodpile:
April was pretty dry at first, but it did finally rain.
And though Midwestern America can have desert-like qualities:
Who knew you could find these here?  My nephew did.  He found some right through his shoes.
 It seemed like it would never 'green up', except in a few small spots:
Which was neat enough, because eventually the wild strawberries came out.
But eventually, the May flowers came.
Some wild violets,
and some tame.

My wife has a very green thumb!

But, with some dependable assistance, I found a new favorite:  The May Apple.

With its single flower.

Next:  Back To Bread.


  1. Hehehe. You knew I would work you in somehow, right?

  2. Lovely pics Steve! Do your dogs like gardening as much as ours do?

  3. Apparently they like it a lot, since they have no hesitation walking wherever they please. I will have to show you some of the 'Puppies in the Ferns' pictures...